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Visitors Banned From National Assembly


Speaker of the National Assembly Sardar Ayaz Sadiq has announced a ban on visitor access to the gallery. This decision comes in response to recent incidents where visitors engaged in disruptive behavior, including shouting slogans and creating disturbances during sessions.

During a session chaired by Speaker Sardar Ayaz Sadiq, it was emphasized that the presence of guests in the assembly gallery was leading to disruptions in parliamentary proceedings. Therefore, to ensure the smooth conduct of legislative business without interruptions, it was decided to restrict access for visitors.

The decision to ban visitor access was reinforced by the absence of guest passes issued for any minister or Member of the Legislative Assembly (MLA) during the current session. As a result, the guest galleries remained vacant throughout the National Assembly session.

The restriction on visitor access aims to maintain the decorum and orderliness of parliamentary proceedings. By curbing disruptive behavior from visitors, lawmak
ers can focus on deliberations and decision-making without external disturbances.

In addition to addressing visitor access, the National Assembly session also saw discussions on legislative matters, including the extension of the Tahshiya Ordinance 2024. This extension, totaling 120 days, was part of the legislative agenda during the session.

The restriction on visitor access aims to maintain decorum and orderliness within the National Assembly, allowing lawmakers to conduct business efficiently and effectively. The decision to restrict visitor access underscores the commitment of the National Assembly to uphold parliamentary norms and ensure an environment conducive to effective lawmaking.

Source: Pro Pakistani