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Imran Khan wants to spread anarchy, civil war & unrest in country: Marriyum


Minister for Information and Broadcasting Marriyum Aurangzeb has said that PTI Chairman Imran Khan wants to spread anarchy, civil war and unrest in the country.

In a video statement on Wednesday, she said Imran Khan is hiding from the police in order to escape from the arrest and has made women, children and youth as his shield.

She said Imran Khan is politically dead and now inciting his armed gangs and hooligans against the state institutions.

The Minister said PTI is not a political party but has turned into an armed gang because a political party always upholds rule of law and the constitution.

She categorically stated that the incumbent government did not not want to arrest Imran Khan despite having state powers, but only wanted to get the court’s orders and warrants implemented.

She said Imran Khan, through his toxic approach, is defying the courts and their orders. She also appealed to the courts to take notice of his defying attitude.

Marriyum Aurangzeb said police and other law enforcing agencies are unarmed and only implementing the court’s orders. She said Imran Khan should answer to the courts about his cases.

She said 65 police personnel have so far been injured due to terrorism of PTI hooligans.

The Minister also urged the media to inform about the facts and realities to the masses about Imran Khan.

Source: Radio Pakistan