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Health Officials Worried About Potential Transmission of Nipah Virus From India


The Centre for Disease Control (CDC) at the National Institute of Health (NIH) has declared the risk of Nipah virus (NiV) transmission in Pakistan.

In an advisory, CDC Chief Dr Mumtaz Ali Khan said that the country hasn’t reported any cases of the NiV so far. However, he warned that due to several factors including the presence of bat species that is the source of the virus, international travel, and the border with India, the potential for its occurrence in Pakistan should not be dismissed.

He added that the NIH is continuously assessing the situation, urging the public not to panic as there is a mechanism in place to prevent, detect and respond to such a health crisis.

Furthermore, NIH has asked the authorities at entry points across the country to remain vigilant. “Raising awareness about the risk factors and mitigating measures are key to reducing the risk of NiV exposure and transmission,” added the advisory.

According to the NIH, if there is a potential NiV patient, there are several ways to prevent the virus from spreading further, such as tracking down people they’ve been in close contact with, isolating sick people and keeping them away from others.

Moreover, the public has been advised to only eat fruits after washing them properly. Additionally, they should avoid eating fruits that have been partly eaten “which may be contaminated with secretions from fruit bats.”

Source: Pro Pakistani