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Govt to Announce 1,100+ Jobs Soon


Good news for job applicants as the federal government has given the green light to various ministries and subordinate departments to fill a total of 1,102 vacant positions ranging from BS-01 to BS-17.

This decision, announced on Monday, marks a significant step towards addressing workforce deficiencies and enhancing operational efficiency within the public sector. The Establishment Division has not only sanctioned the commencement of recruitment procedures but has also issued specific no-objection certificates (NOCs) to ministries and departments to initiate the hiring process.

Among the notable approvals, the District Health Office in Islamabad has been authorized to fill 12 positions at the BS-17 level for medical officers. Furthermore, the Defence Division has received the green light to proceed with the recruitment of 206 personnel across grades BS-04 to BS-15.

The Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (PIMS) has been approved to fill a substantial number of positions, totaling 429, including 85 reg
ular posts, spanning grades from BS-01 to BS-15. Similarly, the Federal Government Services Hospital has been allocated 77 vacancies ranging from BS-01 to BS-15.

Moreover, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has been given clearance to fill 85 positions across grades BS-04 to BS-15, while the Staff Welfare Organisation, a subordinate department of the Establishment Division, is authorized to recruit for six BS-16 positions.

Additionally, the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) has been empowered to conduct recruitment for 199 vacant positions, covering grades from BS-01 to BS-15.

This decision by the government aims to streamline staffing requirements and ensure the effective functioning of various departments and ministries.

Source: Pro Pakistani