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Govt Slashes Profit Rates on National Savings Schemes


The government has decreased the rates of profit on national savings certificates and schemes by up to 24 bps.

The profit rates have been decreased on Bahbood Savings Certificates (BSC), Defence Savings Certificates (DSC), Pensioner Benefit Account (PBA), Regular Income Certificates (RIC), Shuhada Family Welfare Account (SFWA), and Special Savings Certificates (SSC).

Meanwhile, the rates of profit on Sarwa Islamic Savings Account (SISA) and Savings Account (SA) are unchanged.

The rate of return on RIC has decreased by 12 bps to 14.64 percent, while the rate of return on SSC has been slashed by 10 bps to 15.7 percent.

The profit rate on BSC, PBA, and SFWA is down at 15.36 percent each, while the rate of return on STSC has been revised upwards by 24 bps to 19.24 percent.

The rate of return on Defense Saving Certificates (DSC) was cut down by one bps to 14.39 percent.

Scheme Latest Rate Previous Rate Change (bps)

BSC 15.36% 15.60% -24

DSC 14.39% 14.40% -1

SISA 20.50% 20.50% 0

SITA 1-Year 19.10% 18.54%

PBA 15.36% 15.60% -24

RIC 14.64% 14.76% -12

SAR 20.50% 20.50% 0

SFWA 15.36% 15.60% -24

SSC 15.70% 15.80% -10

STSC 19.24% 19.00% +24

There has been no change in the rates of return on the Saving Account Rate (SAR) and Sarwa Islamic Savings Account (SISA) which currently stand at 20.5 percent each.

Meanwhile, the rate of return on Sarwa Islamic Term Account (SITA) has been increased by 56 bps to 19.1 percent.

Source: Pro Pakistani