Eminent Archaeologist delivers lecture at Punjab University

Eminent Archaeologist delivers lecture at Punjab University

Lahore: Punjab University Pakistan Study Centre (PSC) organized a special lecture by Prof Dr Rafique Mughal on “Heritage Preservation in Pakistan: International Principles and Local Practices” here in the seminar hall of the Centre. Prof Mughal, a famous archaeologist who is currently attached with the Boston University, United States, was invited by PU to deliver the lecture. Dean of Arts Prof Dr Qalb-i-Abid, Director PSC Prof Musarrat Abid and Dr Farzand Masih were present on the occasion. Speaking on the need to preserve the archaeological and cultural heritage of Pakistan, Dr. Mughal stressed upon creating awareness about the importance of these sites amongst the people. In this regard, he said, media can play a vital role. He stressed the need for working together in order to preserve the heritage of Pakistan.

Various government departments have been created and deputed to preserve some of archaeological sites. Funds have been provided but desired results were yet to be achieved, some time just because of difference of opinion between the provincial and federal administrations. He wanted officials, experts, students and people to work together to save the historic heritage of Pakistan. Government alone could not provide all the funds, he said, generous donations from well-off Pakistanis were required.

The foreign agencies, in his view, had displayed little or no interest in Pakistan’s heritage. Only people of Pakistan’s interest and generosity could save this heritage. In his lecture he elaborated the international conventions regarding the heritage preservation and explained the threats from human and natural disasters. He said that the human forces have caused devastating destruction to the world heritage.

He quoted the examples of Bamian in Afghanistan, Iraq and Bosnia Herzegovina. Emphasizing on the importance of creating the awareness among the masses, students, university teachers and professionals, he urged to educate the educated regarding the preservation of heritage. He emphasized upon the importance of local participation in planning and management of heritage sites and the mechanism about the maintenance strategy.

In his view, tourism management would be advantageous for the purpose. He expressed the view that restoration work should be taken up by the people with insight knowledge of the subject alone. Heritage sites could only be saved by proper restoration. Cultural awareness was a prerequisite for proper preservation of cultural heritage. Earlier, Dr Massarrat Abid welcomed and introduced Prof Mughal and conducted question-answer session. The lecture was attended by several eminent Pakistani archaeologists, students of history, archaeology and Pakistan studies.

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