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Workshop on Mainstreaming Disaster Risk Management in Agriculture and Food Security Sector


Islamabad, December 27, 2012 (PPI-OT): National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) and Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations jointly arranged a two-day workshop on mainstreaming Disaster Risk Management in the agriculture and food security sector in Pakistan. Dr Zafar Iqbal Qadir, Chairman NDMA, presided over the workshop.

The main objective of the workshop was two-fold: to reach a common understanding on the scope of Disaster Risk Management (DRM) and its role in the context of agriculture and food and nutrition security management, and to identify key opportunities and bottlenecks while framing a set of recommendations and action plans for mainstreaming DRM in Federal and Provincial institutions and policy.

Rajendra Aryal, Senior Resilience Coordinator FAO Pakistan, opened the workshop. Mr Ayral highlighted the importance of DRM in the aftermaths of natural catastrophes. However, his emphasis was on the disaster resilience beforehand of an such incidence. He mentioned that there is still a need of a proper disaster resilience system.

Dr Faizul Barri gave a presentation on the significance of DRM mainstreaming in agriculture and food and nutrition security sector. Dr Barri noted the key points of DRM and DRR in disaster-prone and disaster-hit areas. He mentioned that climate change has had its after effects on Pakistan’s atmosphere. The Floods 2010, 2011 and 2012 are the repercussions of the climate change

He noted that over 20 Million acres of arid land has been damaged by the floods, three years in a row, demolishing numerous houses and countless households. This is a continuous problem and there is a need for a proper disaster resilience system.

The NDMA and FAO have taken the initiative to create and enhance the awareness of mainstreaming DRM and DRR in the agriculture sector. He said that the Agri sector is top-most priority in both OPI and OPII under the One-UN Joint Programme.

Chairman NDMA, Dr Zafar Iqbal Qadir, in his keynote, brought the importance of DRM and DRR to the center stage. He said that the NDMA has been working around the clock to make Pakistan a resilience nation.

He said that in fact disaster preparedness and mitigation has now taken over as first priority at the NDMA. Disaster response has its importance but preparedness is a DRM aspect that should be focused upon. The need to prepare the nation for disasters is not only the need of the moment but is the ultimate solution to the continuous stream of floods that might continue in the coming days due to aggravated global climate.

He said that the NDMA has joined hands with UN partners and other NGO to create disaster awareness amongst the people of Pakistan and this workshop is one of the many steps taken.

He further enlightened the participants on the importance of DRR in the agricultural sector. He said that Pakistan is an agricultural country and the flood damages to arid land are not only a setback to the affected community but also to the national economy.

He concluded his address by thanking the participants for attending the workshop and pooling in their efforts towards a resilient Pakistan.

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