UN Security Council makes firstever visit to Iraq

UN Security Council makes firstever visit to Iraq

The United Nations Security Council concluded a firstever visit to Iraq on Saturday, five years on from the proclamation, by the terrorist group Daesh (also known as ISIL), of a caliphate in the country.

The visit, which also took in a trip to Kuwait, saw the members of the Security Council meet senior government, UN and humanitarian officials to discuss the development of Iraq, the humanitarian situation, and the ongoing security challenges faced by the Government.

Council members noted that the visit underscored their support for Iraq's continued postconflict recovery, and reconciliation efforts to meet the needs of all Iraqis, and emphasized the importance of the sovereignty and security of Iraq.

They also addressed the importance of funding the recovery, in meetings with World Bank representative Ghassan Khoja, which covered the effective followup of international pledges, including those made at the 2018 Kuwait International Conference for the Reconstruction of Iraq.

Source: International Islamic News Agency