Uber happens to be on its way to retain its workforce through a new in-App perks

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Uber happens to be on its way to retain its workforce through a new in-App perks


Uber wants to retain its workforce by any means

As finding the independent workforce happens to be the much harder task, but that is not much harder than keeping them as the cost of doing of doing business makes no sense and that is why the Uber has come up with a plan to add a new appealing and attractive goody bag of rewards with the hope that it will retain its workforce. This seems to be the good approach by Uber in order to retain the workforce, but how much that strategy will be effective in order to keep the workforce retained, is yet to be seen and if that new strategy of Uber, gets successful so that may also become a reason to witness more new drivers coming to Uber.

What has the Uber come up with for its workforce?

In order to retain its workforce and keep them devoted to work, Uber has come up with the perk that is called Fuel Finder, it is being introduced as the new feature inside the driver-side app, which allows drivers for searching for the much cheapest and the most closes gas stations. All the drivers, will have to do, is to just zoom in a tap on the given map and that will make small gas pumps at nearby different gas stations appear with a price per gallon of gas costs. According to many experts the Gas prices mostly remain stagnant in a day, but that App is going to come up with a comprehensive data from different, authentic sources and gets the data refreshed after every one hour in order to reveal any possible changes, when it comes to the Gas prices. This new App will also guide the drivers effectively to reach a gas station they want to fill up at, and how many drivers will like to leverage it that is what the time will tell, so adding up more exciting features in it will definitely attract more drivers to get the maximum benefit out of it.

Uber wants to put its full efforts in retaining its workforce

Uber seems to be much more passionate in order to sustain its workforce and get them motivated to perform their duties in a much professional way and that is what Uber is known for. If the driver is running out of gas in a car and does not have a money so that means that the driver will not be able to kick off picking up people and in this regard the team of Uber has not only come up with revealing the best Gas prices, in fact, it has gone beyond that by offering its drivers a fuel reward cards, that they will be able to use at the time of having no money and less amount of gas in the car. This new card offered by Uber, is based on a driver’s record instead of depending on the credit history and Uber seems to reward those drivers who happen to drive a lot on the platform. Those drivers, who succeed to complete at least 100 trips each month, are able to get up to 15 cents a gallon off at participating gas stations all over the United States and the reward cards will also be used to buy other things such as snacks and Gatorade at the station. This interesting App, has been designed to offer discounts as well at specific places and now it seems that these features will definitely attract the drivers and through coming up with these features, there are lots of chances that Uber succeeds in its ultimate goal and that is to retain its workforce in order to sustain its popularity that has got all across the world.

What more is Uber offering to its workforce?

By going through its recent initiatives to sustain its workforce, Uber seems to go to any extent in order to keep the drivers much motivated to give the best services to people and that is why Uber has come up with the announcement that it will offer an instant Payment feature through GoBank. Lyft did come up with an instant payment feature for drivers in the recent past and according to Uber, it is gradually making efforts to coming up with a similar feature for its drivers and the attribute of transferring earnings from the rides to the drivers’ GoBank card and eventually to the drivers’ own bank account and these features will be available for eligible drivers at the end of this month.

What has Uber updated so far?

Uber has recently updated the driver-side App in last October with the aim of adding up many other new features as drivers had asked for more transparency on such as ratings and payments and sources close to Uber, have come up with a news that Uber wants to keep its much loyal and devoted workers much happy and that is why it has come up with an App, that can benefit the drivers in various ways and the popularity of this App depends on how much it will be financially beneficial for the drivers of Uber.

What can we expect more from Uber in future?

There are many other ideas as well for which the team behind Uber is
working and all Uber wants to do is to accommodate Uber’s 1099 workforce and for that it seems to be doing anything that can be beneficial for both the drivers and Uber. Many other ideas the product team has been working on for some time for the drivers of Uber, consist of a public restroom locator and the best places for grub or rest stops. If Uber succeeds in offering these services to its drivers, so that will increase the chances of Uber to have a much distinctive name not only in the United States but all across the world as well and its recent example is the launch of Uber in Lahore Pakistan.


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