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Afghan Wireless Launches Afghanistan’s First 4G/LTE Communications Network

AWCC’s Technological Innovation And Leadership To Bring Global Class 4G/LTE Communications Services To Millions Throughout Afghanistan

KABUL, Afghanistan, May 4, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Afghan Wireless Communication Company (AWCC) (www.afghan-wireless.com), Afghanistan’s first mobile communications company, the founder and leader of Afghanistan’s mobile communications industry, has once again demonstrated AWCC’s unchallenged position as Afghanistan’s most technologically advanced wireless company, by announcing the launch of the Afghan Wireless 4G/LTE Network—Afghanistan’s first and only  World Class, 4G/LTE communications service.

Kabul City will be the first location in Afghanistan to receive AWCC’s 4G/LTE Service. The Kabul City launch of AWCC’s groundbreaking 4G/LTE Service is the first phase of an aggressive, multi-province expansion which will bring AWCC’s 4G/LTE highest-speed network capacity to companies and individuals throughout Afghanistan.

AWCC’s 4G/LTE service offering—the first 4G/LTE network service available in Afghanistan—is the latest example of AWCC’s enduring commitment to provide every subscriber with the fastest, most advanced communications services on earth.

Afghan Wireless has invested more than $400,000,000 to build Afghanistan’s largest, fastest and most reliable communications network. AWCC’s network provides its 4G/LTE, 3G and 2G subscribers with data access capacity of at least 400 Mega Bytes per second—the fastest and best speed available in Afghanistan.

“We at Afghan Wireless are proud to be the first mobile communications company to provide 4G/LTE service to the people of Afghanistan,” said Mr. Amin Ramin, the Managing Director of Afghan Wireless. “The launch of AWCC’s 4G/LTE Network in Kabul—and soon, throughout the nation—is the latest example of AWCC’s determination to provide Afghans with the world’s best communications services,” said Mr. Amin.

“Afghan Wireless is a company built by Afghans,” Mr. Amin said, “And we’re honored to serve Afghans, and support our country’s technological development, economic and social progress.”

About Afghan Wireless:

The Afghan Wireless Communication Company (AWCC) (www.afghan-wireless.com) is Afghanistan’s first wireless communications company and the founder of Afghanistan’s wireless communications market. Launched in 2002 by Mr. Ehsan Bayat, Chairman of The Bayat Group (www.bayat-group.com), AWCC provides 4G/LTE, 3.75G+, 3G, 2.5G, Voice, Data, Internet and Mobile Payment Services to more than five million Business and Consumer Clients, located in all of Afghanistan’s thirty-four provinces. The Company has global partnerships with 425 wireless carrier networks in 125 countries.

For Afghan Wireless:
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