Supreme Court issues Notices to Attorney General and Secretary Sports Board

Supreme Court issues Notices to Attorney General and Secretary Sports Board

Islamabad: Supreme Court has directed Chairman, CDA to submit status of Gun and Country Club, Islamabad and has issued notice to Secretary Sports Board, to submit comments .The case has been fixed on 16.08.2011 in Court as petition under Article 184(3) of the Constitution of Islamic Republic of Pakistan and notice to Attorney General for Pakistan has also been issued.

The action was taken by the Hon’ble Chief Justice of Pakistan Mr. Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry on the news clipping published in daily “The Jung” dated 01.08.2011 regarding allotment of 72 acres land worth billions of rupees to the Gun Club at the cheap rate of one crore rupees per acre. Meanwhile, the report was called from the Chairman, CDA for 08.08.2011.

In compliance with the directions of Hon’ble Chief Justice of Pakistan, the Chairman, CDA submitted his report that:-

1. In 1977, land measuring 145 acres was allotted to Pakistan Sports Board (PSB) in ZONE “A” of Islamabad, which is reserved in the Master Plan for sports and recreation purposes, vide Allotment Letter, dated 26.03.1977. It is pertinent to state herein that out of the total 145 acres of the aforesaid land allotted to PSB, 44 acres were specifically reserved for shooting ranges/facilities at the Pakistan Sports Complex. The total cost of the entire 145 acres of land including the 44 acres reserved for shooting ranges/facilities worked out at the rate of Rs. 5060/- per acre amounting to Rs.736600/- was duly paid by PSB to CDA.

2. In 2000, the 9th SAF Games were proposed to be held in Islamabad, wherein teams from India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan, Maldives and Pakistan were to participate. For the said purpose, a Steering Committee was constituted vide Chief Executive’s Order dated 24.10.2000. The said Steering Committee which included inter-alia, Chairman, CDA was assigned the task of looking after the affairs of the SAF Games. Since there were no appropriate arrangements in place to host shooting events, the Steering Committee decided to construct state of the art shooting facility in Islamabad which would not only host the shooting events of the upcoming SAF Games, it would also be utilized for hosting notional and international competitions in future.

3. On 15.02.2001, the SAF Games Secretariat requested PSB to remove and cut the trees on the existing Gun and Country Club’s site, so as to enable it to construct shooting ranges/facilities thereupon. On 20.02.2001, PSB acceded to the request of SAF Games Secretariat and allowed it to construct the shooting ranges on 44 acres of land already reserved for the said purpose. PSB also approved the Master Plan for the same. On 24.02.2001 PSB requested CDA to issue NOC for construction of the shooting ranges on the PSB owned land. On 09.04.2001, CDA vide letter dated 09.04.2011driected PSB to submit detailed plan for the construction of the shooting ranges/facilities.

Consequently, on 15.05.2001, the detailed plan for construction of shooting ranges/facilities was submitted by the SAF Games committee to the PSB, which forwarded the same to the CDA. It is averred that in the said detailed plan submitted by PSB, 44 acres of its land had been clearly marked as land reserved for shooting facilities including shooting ranges and club house. Subsequently, CDA duly incorporated the shooting ranges/facilities spanning over 44 acres of land to the master plan of Islamabad vide letter dated 19.05.2001. In October 2001, construction of shooting facilities were completed and ready for holding the shooting events of 9th SAF Games and other national and international competitions.

4. On 18.11.2002, vide Notification dated 18.011.2002, issued by the Ministry for Minorities, Sports, Culture, Tourism and Youth Affairs. The “Gun Club” was established on 44 acres of PSB’s land at the Pakistan Sports Complex, Islamabad.

5. On 25.01.2011, the management of the Gun Club proposed certain amendments in the Gun Club Resolution, 2002.

6. On 05.04.2011, the club requested the Sports Ministry to forward its request to CDA for execution of lease directly with it qua 72 acres of land. This request was forwarded by the Sports Ministry to CDA. The request of the Sports Ministry was placed before the CDA Board which after thorough deliberations and careful consideration acceded thereto.

7. As far as the averments set out in the news clipping published in Daily “Jung”, dated 01.08.2011, is concerned, it is stated that the same are misleading and based on incorrect facts. It is averred that CDA had already received full payment of 44 acres of land in 1977 from PSB whereupon the existing Gun and Country Club is situated. Presently considering various aspects, the Finance Wing of CDA is working out the lease amount and AGR in line with the CDA policies, to be charged from the Club. However, it is pertinent to state that the 28 acres of land, additionally being considered, is not being used by the Club for any beneficial purpose rather the same is used as safety zone (killing/danger zone) for shooting ranges which is kept vacant at all times.

8. It is also submitted that the Gun and Country Club, Islamabad is the only establishment in the country wherein state of the art shooting facilities are available. The club is being used to host various national and international shooting competitions/events, including competitions for 10 Metres, 25 Metres, 50 Metres, Skeet and Trap events. As per information provided by the Club, since inception 28 Shooting Events have been held at the club.

After going through the report of Chairman, CDA, the Hon’ble Chief Justice of Pakistan has been pleased to pass the order that ”Chairman CDA has not specifically and clearly given comments over the allotment of 28 acres land to Gun Club and its assessed and considered costs. Therefore, Chairman CDA be directed to submit status of the Gun and Country Club. Notice to Secretary Sport Board be also issued to submit his comments. Put up on 16.08.2011 in the Court as the petition under Article 184(3) of the Constitution. Notice to Attorney General for Pakistan be also issued”.

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