Pakistan Telecommunication Company makes the Hajj dream of 40 employees come true

Pakistan Telecommunication Company makes the Hajj dream of 40 employees come true

Islamabad: Pakistan Telecommunications Company Limited (PTCL) has made a dream come true for 40 of its employees by sponsoring their Hajj this year as part of its organizational commitment to provide incentives and encouragement to the good performing employees.

“PTCL is proud to have played a central role in realizing a life-long spiritual and religious aspiration of our dedicated employees for performing Hajj,” said Senior Executive Vice President, Human Resource, Syed Mazhar Hussain, while addressing a reception held here today to honour PTCL employees who have returned from Hajj.

“Our Company is committed to the welfare and well being of all our workers, as well as giving outstanding rewards to the best performing employees. Besides satisfying employees’ religious sentiments, this initiative has also complimented the spirit of a performance based culture within PTCL.”

The reception was attended by senior PTCL officials as well as employees who expressed a deep appreciation for their Company’s support for their blessed Hajj journey. They thanked the PTCL management for taking this initiative and providing this facilitation specially based on their work performance.

Employees expressed their complete satisfaction with the arrangements and facilities provided during their Hajj, as well as the transparent selection process. All the 40 pilgrims were selected through a balloting procedure amongst the top performers of the year 2009-2010.

“PTCL is a Company, which acts like a mother to all its employees,” said Ajab Gul Orakzai, one of the employees, while speaking on the occasion. “This gesture has infused all employees with a renewed commitment to work with dedication for the development and progress of our Company.”

In recent years, PTCL has firmly established its reputation for redefining and realigning the industrial relations paradigm. In line with contemporary business requirements, it has led organizational development and employee welfare by successfully creating a win-win situation, both for the employees and the organization, to emerge as an employer of choice.

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