Pakistan Steel Mill: Uncleared Dues of Rs. 52 Million Still Outstanding

Pakistan Steel Mill: Uncleared Dues of Rs. 52 Million Still Outstanding

Karachi: In continuation of KESC’s crackdown on public and private sector defaulters; on the evening of 21st November KESC disconnected the power supply to Pakistan Steel Mills due to the outstanding bill payment of Rs. 52 million pertaining to the power bill for the month of September.

Despite multiple payment commitments from Pak Steel, the payment of Rs. 52 million was not made, which led to the disconnection of power supply by KESC.

PSM was informed that KESC would immediately restore the power supply on the payment of the said default amount, but even till Tuesday evening PSM had not cleared its balances, rather insisted on immediate reconnection of supply against a post dated check for days ahead.

Rather than focussing on the clearance of dues, PSM has been making efforts more towards lodging counter claims against KESC, which have no credence or premise. KESC has a water supply contract with PSM, to supply water to its power plant for which it owes no more than Rs. 9 million, easily adjustable against the PSM’s power bills for the month of October which would be close Rs. 180 million.

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