Pakistan Space and Upper Atmosphere Research Commission to Open Regional Branch in Quetta

Pakistan Space and Upper Atmosphere Research Commission to Open Regional Branch in Quetta

Islamabad: The Pakistan Space and Upper Atmosphere Research Commission (SUPARCO) celebrated space week in collaboration with Balochistan University of Information Technology and Management Sciences (BUITMS) at BUITMS campus in Quetta.

Vice-chancellor BUITMS Eng. Ahmed Farooq Bazai stated that the age we are living in is the space age and we have to prepare our youth for greater challenges ahead so that we may compete with other nations and the time is to expose the inner and outer atmosphere as what is happening to us as a nation he further added that we as an organization try to introduce space technology in Pakistan.

Pro-vice Chancellor M.A.K Malghani stated that the celebration of space week is the beginning and our collaboration with SUPARCO will continue. He emphasized that we need to develop our educational institutions through which nations develops.

Member SUPARCO Imran Iqbal said that he was very please to inform the people of Balochistan that SUPARCO is determined to open its regional establishment in Balochistan with collaboration with BUITMS. Imran Iqbal maintained that the opening of new branches of SUPARCO will create new jobs and opportunities for understanding space technology. He further stated that all the nations have equal rights for launching satellites so as a nation we are determined to advance in space technology.

He said that SUPARO being national space agency celebrates World space week every year and our mission is to achieve self-reliance in space technology and applications for national security, economy and society. He stated that SUPARCO.

Vice Chancellor Eng. Ahed Farooq Bazai visited the various stalls arranged by SUPARCO, and appreciated the tireless efforts done by the national space agency of Pakistan. He stated that it is our prime duty to stand with SUPARCO on every difficulty and provide them our best services so that we as a nation come up with new modern state.

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