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Pakistan people’s party is largest political party: Sharjeel


Karachi, December 20, 2012 (PPI-OT): Pakistan Peoples Party Deputy Central Secretary Information and Provincial Information Minister Sharjeel Memon has said that Pakistan Peoples Party is the largest political party of the country and no party can dare to face it alone. Today those who are establishing alliance against Pakistan Peoples Party in such alliance Lotas and supporters of dictatorship are being included. This he said in a statement issued here on Thursday.

He said that the parties which were brought up in the lap of dictatorship are uniting themselves against Pakistan Peoples Party. These are the parties which in the past with the support of dictatorship got fake mandate and now these all power hungry parties are making an alliance against Pakistan Peoples Party. He said that morally these parties had accepted their defeat in next elections. That is why they were afraid of contesting elections alone and could not face Pakistan Peoples Party alone.

He said that they sold out their soul for forming IJI and received money. Now they in the lust for power were trying to make an alliance again. He added, ‘ Pakistan Peoples Party did not adopt reconciliation policy for the power but it was adopted for promotion of democratic approach and betterment of the masses. ‘Mr Memon said that we followed reconciliation policy and buried the politics of revenge but opponents of Pakistan peoples party mistook it as our weakness. Provincial Minister said that the workers and Jialas of our party were not weak at all. Our party leaders sacrificed their lives. The workers and Jialas will lay down their lives for their leadership.

He said that Nawaz Sharif kept on criticizing Pakistan peoples party’s reconciliation policy and the statement of Nawaz Sharif is on record in which he stated that he would not make any alliance with those individuals and parties which supported Musharraf but now he Nawaz Sharif is making those elements the part of his party and entering into alliance with them. This hypocratic attitude of Nawaz Sharif shows that there is difference in his words and actions.

These forces are mustering themselves in the greed of power but their hopes will dash to the ground. He concluded.

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