Pakistan Facilitates the Admission of Palestine to UNESCO as Member State

Pakistan Facilitates the Admission of Palestine to UNESCO as Member State

Paris: Pakistan played vital role in facilitating Palestine for admission into UNESCO as member state. Dr. Atiya Inayatullah represented Pakistan at 187th Session of Executive Board of UNESCO. While speaking on the occasion she said that peace is a shared aspiration of humanity, that the principles are immutable and that they cannot be susceptible to the vagaries of political expediency.

The admission of Palestinian state as member of UNESCO is being viewed as an unprecedented development as the resolution granting the status of a member to the Palestinian state was adopted with overwhelming majority, says a press release received here today from Paris.

The issue of admission of Palestine as member state to UNESCO will now come up at the General Conference scheduled to take place by the end of October. The Executive Board through the successful vote has paved the way for Palestine’s entry to UNESCO as a member state.

Dr. Atiya Inayatullah said that Pakistan has reiterated its unequivocal support for the cause of Palestine and thus has made a history. She also said that Pakistan salutes the martyrdom of the Intefeda which she said is Palestinians’ only sin that they want their inalienable right of statehood.

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