Pak Envoy Speech on Measures to Eliminate International Terrorism

Pak Envoy Speech on Measures to Eliminate International Terrorism

Islamabad: Pakistan’s Deputy Permanent Representative to the UN, Mr. Raza Bashir Tarar, on Tuesday rejected terrorism, saying it was regrettable to attribute encouragement, incitement or inspiration of terrorist acts to any religious tradition, says a press release received here today from Permanent Mission of Pakistan to the United Nations.

Speaking in the General Assembly’s Sixth Committee on “Measures to Eliminate International Terrorism”, he said that terrorism and extremism should not be associated with any religion, race, ethnicity, faith, value system, culture or society.

“Our collective fight against terrorism is a weighty and intricate challenge. Hobbyhorses, wish lists and scapegoating can temporarily gloss over but not resolve festering international disputes, perceived wrongs, grievances, grudges and economic marginalization,” the deputy permanent representative said.

Pakistan, he said, unequivocally rejects terrorism in all its forms and manifestations, committed by whomsoever, wherever, and against whomsoever. Pakistan condemned the senseless killings of civilians in all parts of the world, whether motivated by ideological differences or use of disproportionate force against soft targets, he added.

Underscoring the need for a comprehensive approach to counter terrorism effectively, he said, Pakistan cannot afford to conduct this campaign in a piecemeal manner. The fixation on one-dimensional approach to fight terrorism, either through operational measures alone or exclusively through political measures should be avoided. Such narrow approaches prioritize short term national interests over global peace and security in the long run, he added.

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