Nitish Kumar and Qaim Ali Shah address seminar

Nitish Kumar and Qaim Ali Shah address seminar

Karachi, November 10, 2012 (PPI-OT): Chief Minister Bihar(India) Mr. Nitish Kumar has stressed the need to promote atmosphere of mutual understanding, brotherhood and peace among India and Pakistan which is need of hour aimed at progress, prosperity and development in the area.

This he observed while addressing a seminar on “Experience Sharing by Sindh and Bihar” held today at Shaheed Benazir Bhutto Banquet Hall of CM House. He said that Pakistan and India has common history and heritage and our bilateral relations are witnessing an all round progress.

Mr. Nitish Kumar added that when large part of earth was un-inhabited, a thriving civilization of Moen-Jo-Daro-Harppa was shining in Indus and Gangtic basis. He said that education centers of Textile and Nalnda spread knowledge to mankind, while he has brought good wishes and greetings for people of Pakistan.

Sharing experiences, Mr. Nitish Kumar said that seven years back quest was started by establishing governance and ensuring an all round development which was challenge and also an opportunity. Highlighting progress in the Bihar State, the Chief Minister Bihar said that it was resolved for growth with justice manifold achievements across sectors like governance, law and order, human resource developments, infrastructure and agriculture.

He presented detailed reports with regard to development and progress resulting process of prosperity there.He highlighted detailed progress in all sector and emphasized that human development particularly education for girls and ladies was fully implemented and agriculture sector was given priority.

He pledged his firm belief that if India and Pakistan will work together with peace, tranquility in atmosphere of non-interference and brotherhood, better and productive results can be achieved. He also invited Chief Minister Sindh to visit India in Bihar State including a delegation of parliamentarians and legislators may also visit state of Bihar Mr. Nitish Kumar in the end of his paper made wish of peace, development and brother hood.

Chief Minister Sindh Syed Qaim Ali Shah in his paper emphasized that achievements and progress of present elected provincial government. Highlighting the achievements made in the fields of education, health, roads, culture heritage, agriculture , human resources, information technology, employment etc, he said that after passing of 18th amendment in the constitution.

Many issues have been resolved and all provinces have been empowered. Syed Qaim Ali Shah added that the government stressed for end of poverty, issues of health and education sector. Syed Qaim Ali Shah said that under the leadership of President Mr. Asif Ali Zardari, who is also Co-Chairman of Party, all provinces are getting equal shares under 18th amendment.

He said that media and judiciary are independent while due to inspite of energy crises, un-employment and other problems; Sindh Government evolved prompt strategy for development and solution of public problems. He said that so far 56,000 acres of land has been distributed among land less women haries, and hospitals at district and taluka level have been rehabilitated.

Syed Qaim Ali Shah added that new Universities, medical, engineering, technical and cadet colleges have been established. He added that more than 3000 villages have been electrified; and more than 800 villages have been gasified. Regarding energy sector, Chief Minister Sindh informed that infrastructure and development work has been undertaken at Thar Coal area, 500km of new roads have been constructed while 400 Kms road have been repaired. Besides, an amount of Rs: 42 billion have been spent for urban development in Karachi for flyovers, roads etc.

Syed Qaim Ali Shah maintained that Zulfikarabad Development Project has been initiated in Thatta district where local and foreign investors are approaching for investment. He said that to provide filtered water, R.O plants have been installed, while more than One Lac unemployed and jobless youth have been provided jobs on merit and more than 2 Lac youth have trained in various traders.

He said that dual carriage road under public-private partnership mode has been constructed at the cost of Rs: 605 crores from Hyderabad to Mirpurkhas, and Hyderbad-Badin and Thatta-Jhirik roads are to be constructed. He also highlighted achievements in other sectors of Sindh Revenue Board, Shaheed Benazir Bhutto Youth Development Programme, and provision of interest free loan to 34,000 families, aimed at to address the issue of poverty.

He added that this year about 9 million people were affected due to heavy rains, and provincial government under disaster management made relief and rehabilitation works. He added that 16000 teachers and 3000 lecturers have been inducted to enhance the literacy ratio in the province.

Syed Qaim Ali Shah said that we are answerable to people and people wants to know the delivery, working and relief for them. He hoped that both governments of Sindh and Bihar will take advantage of experience of each other and progress of Sindh province. Chief Minister Sindh added that there is problem of law and order in the province and we have accepted challenge of extremism which has been imported from Afghanistan and other neighboring areas.

He said that Pakistan cooperated International community, with the result facing hardships at present inshape of heinous crime; bomb blasts etc while the government has made adequate measures to combat the situation. Syed Qaim Ali Shah also stressed the Media to avoid sensational and excessive reporting but should highlight factual reports in the interest of country.

He said that due to normal law and order, thousands of people are coming daily to Karachi, and foreign investors are investing billions of dollars for development of Thar Coal project. It is the clear proof that law and order is not so worst, the maintained. Chief Minister Sindh added that women are being empowered in the province and every year Rs: 75 billion are being disbursed in Pakistan, and about 7 to 8 Lac women are being benefitted in Sindh Province.

He appreciated the visit of Chief Minister of Bihar and stressed that not only the government, but the people of both countries should work together for business. The seminar was attended among others by Federal Ministers- Mir Hazar Khan Bijarani, Syed Khursheed Ahmed Shah, Provincial Ministers, Senators, MNA’s , MPA’s , traders, leaders and workers of PPP, MQM, sportsmen, High ranking officers and elite of City. Secretary General of PPP Mr. Taj Haider conducted the proceedings of Seminar.

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