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The Saudi capital Riyadh will host Sunday the first meeting of defense ministers of the 41-nation Islamic Military Counter Terrorism Coalition (IMCTC) to discuss ways to confront terrorism and terrorist organizations on various military, intellectual, financial and media levels.

The meeting, to be held under the theme Allied Against Terrorism, will be opened by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, the deputy premier and defense minister of Saudi Arabia, in the presence of the Coalition defense ministers and representatives of the diplomatic missions accredited to the Kingdom.

The inaugural meeting seeks to strengthen the bonds of cooperation and integration in the Coalition system. It also marks the official launch of a unified pan-Islamic military front to support the global struggle against terrorism and violent extremism.

The IMCTC Center was established to serve as the operational arm to achieve the Alliance's mission. The Center will also provide an institutional platform for proposals and discussions within a transparent governance framework to facilitate cooperation among member states and supporter countries to implement initiatives within the intellectual, media, counter-terrorism financing and military spheres.

IMCTC is the first unified Islamic regime to confront violent extremism and terrorism. The strategic vision of the countries participating in the Coalition -- with the support of friendly peace-loving nations and international organizations -- is to coordinate and unify their efforts in the intellectual, media, counter-terrorism financing and military fields to combat all forms of terrorism and extremism and actively contribute to other global efforts to maintain international peace and security.

The Coalition was created at the initiative of Saudi Arabia and was announced by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman in December 2015, with the view to unifying the efforts of Muslim countries in the face of terrorism. In March 2016, chiefs of staff from Islamic countries met in Riyadh and affirmed their determination to intensify efforts in fighting terrorism through joint work according to their capabilities, based on the desire of each member country to participate in operations or programs within the IMCTC framework as per its policies and procedures, and without compromising the sovereignty of the Coalition member countries. They also underscored the importance of activating the launch of the Coalition through a meeting of defense ministers from the member states.

Source: International Islamic News Agency


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