Load shedding hours to decrease after repair of Bin Qasim Power Station Unites completes on Saturday

Load shedding hours to decrease after repair of Bin Qasim Power Station Unites completes on Saturday

Karachi: Karachi Electric Supply Company has expressed hope that the load shedding situation would normalize on Saturday with the possible completion of repair work on the two under-maintenance units of Bin Qasim Power Station.

KESC said that maintenance teams are working round the clock to bring the units back online at the earliest possible. After the post repair tests proved positive, then the two units would resume generating electricity possibly by Saturday morning enabling KESC to stand by its commitment to contain the load shedding duration to minimum three and maximum 4.5 hours.

KESC, in the meanwhile, expressed
great concern over the tragic incident of 16 year old boy’s death by electrocution in Gulistan-e-Jauhar while he touched high tension wires in a bid to pull out his kite from a tree. KESC advised citizens to strictly keep away from live wires and stop children from going close to electricity network.

KESC said that the tragedy became more saddening when the body of electrocuted boy was reportedly stuck in the tree near Rufi Heights Phase-III, Block 17, for whole night and was discovered next morning by charity workers. KESC said parents needed to keep vigilance on their children.

Miscreants in Bhukkar Goth, in another development, hijacked an outsourced repair vehicle No. JX-5137 while a maintenance team had been on duty to repair 250 kV faulty PMT. The miscreants forced the team to replace a high loss faulty PMT without assignment but later hijacked the vehicle. In Afridi Colony area mob pelted an outsourced repair vehicle with stones and injured lineman Mr. Nabi Bakhsh. Windscreen and ladder of the vehicle were also damaged.

In another incident, some miscreants caught KESC linemen in Orangi Town area and snatched their mobile phones and cash. The team members were manhandled and released with threats. At Jacob Line Grid Station, a big number of violent people set KESC repair vehicle No. JP-6677 on fire and broke the main gate of the grid. They manhandled security personnel and also torched furniture of security room. At Keamari, a mob attacked KESC business centre and after scaling the wall, they stole three kilograms of silver wire.

KESC has asked the general public to demonstrate patience and calm while demanding repair of local faults. KESC said that violence could only cause harm to precious equipment that have been serving the customers.

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