Karachi Electric Supply Company shuts down Landhi office after action against power thieves’ triggers violence

Karachi Electric Supply Company shuts down Landhi office after action against power thieves’ triggers violence

Karachi: Karachi Electric Supply Company has decided to close down Landhi business centre after repeated violent attacks, manhandling of employees and continuous pressure to allow illegal and unauthorized load of electricity through Kundas and clandestine commercial use inside residential premises causing frequent burning of PMTs Majority of the power consumers have not been paying the heavy outstanding bills for long time and they refused to accept any payment formula.

The power utility finally took the decision to close office after action against power theft and non-payment of longstanding dues was responded to by violence from electricity thieves. A mob comprising of around 200 to 300 people attacked the KESC Centre in Landhi on Saturday to press for replacement of certain PMTs burnt due to high extra load while they insisted upon continuing to steal electricity and non-paying the bills.

They damaged KESC equipment and property and burnt down a repair vehicle and a motorcycle belonging to an employee. A repair vehicle had been burnt last week at the same place and a senior employee was beaten up a few days ago at Korangi Grid Station by the same people. A group of local influential persons had also forced entry into Landhi Grid earlier this week who kept the place under their illegal possession through use of muscle for quite some time to put pressure for continuing to steal electricity and non-payment of dues.

The PMTs that frequently burn down because of heavy illegal and unauthorized load and high ratio of electricity theft include 37-B Christian Para PMT Landhi 1-D; Rahmania Masjid PMT; Moinbhai PMT; Rehri Goth Nalay Wali PMT; Gulshan-e-Bunair PMT; Amin Jut Para PMT etc. These PMTs had been replaced several times but the illegal load continued causing repeated burning. KESC had decided not to replace the PMTs this time as a punitive action against power theft and non-payment of dues.

KESC local office sent countless notices and made several direct efforts to stop illegal and unauthorized use of electricity and clandestine commercial consumption from domestic connections and for recovery of unpaid bills, also through local social and political influential personalities and people’s representatives but to no avail. The utility management also offered to receive part payment of outstanding bills and easy instalments for remaining amount but the consumers insisted upon no payment but rather resorted to physical and violent attacks as pressure. The local notables refused to provide an undertaking to desist from unauthorized use of electricity.

KESC has announced that such blackmailing tactics were unacceptable and the burnt PMTs could not be replaced until the heavy illegal load was stopped and dues were cleared. KESC said that the Landhi Centre would re-open only after the local notables also guaranteed an end to violent attacks and harassment or threats to employees.

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