Karachi Electric Supply Company rejects baseless rumour of Supreme Court stay order against final Voluntary Separation Scheme for non-technical employees

Karachi Electric Supply Company rejects baseless rumour of Supreme Court stay order against final Voluntary Separation Scheme for non-technical employees

Karachi: Karachi Electric Supply Company has rejected as baseless and untrue, the false message circulated by unionists that wrongly claimed grant of a stay order by Supreme Court against the final Voluntary Separation Scheme (VSS) of KESC. Such a rumour amounted to contempt of the highest forum of judiciary in the country as no case against or about last VSS of KESC had ever been filed before the Supreme Court by any stakeholder or union, therefore, there was no question of stay order being granted, KESC stated.

KESC believes that this false propaganda had been aimed at hoodwinking such willing non-core and non-technical employees who could genuinely benefit from the utility’s final Golden Exit Package. The unionists had been playing with the future of such employees by misguiding them so as to spoil their last chance to avail the VSS effective till July 15. Particularly timed to distract the attention of willing employees for the last few remaining days, the union move was anti-labour in its nature and targeted to keep exploiting the persons involved for the union’s vested interests, KESC said.

KESC advised the non-core and non-technical employees to freely judge the final Golden Exit Package being offered to them by the company, and take their own decision under their independent will without getting carried away by baseless propaganda. They needed to seriously consider the huge amount being offered to them for last time through VSS, which could brighten their own future and that of their families. KESC also urged them to keep away from the sabotage, subversion and disruption being caused by the union miscreants to the power transmission and distribution network all across the City, in their own best interests and in the interests of the valued customers of the utility.

Meanwhile, KESC alerted the citizens against reported illegal repair of local faults which has been proving injurious to the unauthorized electricians. KESC has asked the consumers not to allow any outside persons other than the utility’s on-duty maintenance teams to repair their local faults since it can cause life risk to the persons involved. According to reports,

It has come to KESC’s notice that certain ex-employees, or private electricians, or some unauthorized persons either absent or run-away KESC employees or outsiders had deliberately been creating faults to make illegal money out of unlawful repair. A few of such people have reportedly met serious or even fatal accidents in their greed by wrangling with live high tension cables without using proper safety gear and tools and in most cases they have insufficient knowledge and skills. It has also been reported that certain union miscreants have been causing local faults through sabotage and then approaching the consumers to extort illegal bucks.

KESC has asked the citizens to keep away from such elements since safety of human life needed to be given top priority. Over the past couple of years, KESC has taken extraordinary measures to minimize work-related accidents to the utility’s linesmen and other field staff. Fortunately, this exercise has proved fruitful and the utility can rightly boast of having developed a near to perfect internal safety system.

In a related development, the CEO of KESC, Mr. Tabish Gauhar, in a message to the management and employees, has emphasized the need of further tightening up of safety measures to pre-empt any fatal accident. The message said that over the last two months, the union miscreants have disrupted the functioning of the company by besieging offices, stores and power plants, damaging assets by sabotage, threatening employees and manhandling staff going to work. All of these steps were meant to create a sense of insecurity and stress.

Mr. Tabish said that the resilience shown by the utility’s employees in these testing times was commendable. He emphasized to the employees to preserve the lives of the utility’s people by ensuring close coordination, providing updated information, arranging complete safety gear and other equipment and most of all not allowing anyone to compromise their safety or that of their colleagues.

“These are extraordinary circumstances, which demand extraordinary measures from all of us to protect the lives of our employees working in the field, serving the people of Karachi,” he remarked.

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