Karachi Electric Supply Company Limited concerned over continued siege of Central Stores for need of transformers to replace faulty ones

Karachi Electric Supply Company Limited concerned over continued siege of Central Stores for need of transformers to replace faulty ones

Karachi: Karachi Electric Supply Company has expressed great concern over the permanent siege of Central Stores of the utility by defunct union miscreants blocking issuance of required machines and equipment for replacement of faulty ones.

KESC said that many local faults all across the City could not be repaired due to the utility’s inability to access the required material from the Central Stores for the past couple of weeks. The union miscreants have been violently foiling KESC employees’ attempts to get PMTs, cables and other equipment released from the Stores. Worst affected were the power consumers of the City who had to endure prolonged delays for repair of local faults.

KESC believes that the blocking of Central Stores had seriously been impacting restoration work of the power distribution system and demanded of the government and law enforcement agencies to vacate all the offices, installations, workshops and Central Stores from the illegal possession of the defunct union miscreants. There had been a great shortage of transformers and joints for repair of local faults. Because of that, the KESC had been constrained to attend only the most critical faults to the possible extent while many faults had still been pending.

KESC said that the confession of union leaders at their Governor House camp was enough to open the eyes of all, in which the miscreants leaders had threatened to cause total black out for the whole city. This confession had exposed their track record that they had been carrying out subversion, sabotage and terrorism against their mother company and had been forcing fault-based outages upon the helpless consumers for the past over two months. This had also supported the eyewitness account of thousands of citizens who had watched union hooligans attacking KESC’s repair teams and harassing them away and then reaching the consumers to extort illegal bribe money for fixing the same faults. The union had not only antagonized the whole population of Karachi but had also manhandled their own colleagues and followers whose interests they had been claiming to protect.

KESC reiterated demand for return of dozens of its repair vehicles illegally hijacked by the union miscreants for their personal purposes. The union miscreants hijacked another repair vehicle, No. KM-7916 (MTL) while it was proceeding to Teen Talwar for repair work. The vehicle was taken away by union miscreants to their camp near Governor House.

KESC has extended for a limited period the last date of acceptance of applications from non-core employees for Voluntary Separation Scheme who could not do so till July 15 because of the law and order situation in the City and the union miscreants blocking their way to visit utility’s offices. This extension has been granted on the request of many non-core employees who could not avail this final offer, and said that the extension would be closed any time on 24 hours notice.

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