Jamil Naqsh’s Solo Exhibition Concludes at Albemarle Gallery

Jamil Naqsh’s Solo Exhibition Concludes at Albemarle Gallery

Islamabad: A very successful exhibition of paintings by Pakistan’s top artist of international fame Jamil Naqsh , recipient of Sitara- i- Imtiaz and Pride of Performance, concluded at Albemarle a well known central London Gallery this week. The Exhibition entitled ‘A Retrospective’ collectively comprised works painted by the artist within the last five years continued for about a month attracted thousands of visitors from all over the world. In rapidly expanding art world, Jamil Naqsh holds a key position. He is the best known contemporary artist from Pakistan, long famous in his own country, and also well-established in international auctions, says a press release received here today from London.

While student at Mayo College ( now National College of Arts) he was, like the other young Pakistani artists of his generation, exposed to the main figures in European Modernism, and also to works by the major European Old Masters. For Naqsh another source of inspiration, inevitably, was Picasso; and yet another was the work of the great French neo-classicist, Jean-Dominique Ingres. The impact made by Ingres is particularly interesting, since Ingres, in some paintings, was a leader of the ‘orientalist’ tendency in 19th century European art. In the words of art historian Edward Lucie Smith Naqsh re-absorbs Ingres, and re-forges links to the sensuous, erotic tradition that plays so large a part in Mughal miniature painting.

Naqsh combines the traditional methods of Mughal miniature painting with European techniques as for him the two approaches are not mutually exclusive. As this exhibition demonstrates, Naqsh’s work has long tended to develop in series, though the themes on occasion overlap. In Pakistan he is probably most loved for his images of pigeons, or of women and pigeons combined.

This was his first solo show in London. The exhibition took up some of the major themes of his career. In the words of famous art historian Edward Lucie Smith , “the exhibition demonstrated how an artist with major gifts, coming from background of sub continent has been able to enter into a fruitful relationship with Western modernism, and thus link himself to what is now a worldwide community of visual artists”.

Jamil Naqsh received various national and international awards and honours some of them are Sitara-e-Imtiaz Pakistan -2009, Pride of Performance Award, 1989 Pakistan, Pursuit of ‘Excellence Award, The Artist Association of Punjab, 2003, Jamil Naqsh; A Retrospective, An extensive retrospective exhibition at Mohatta Palace Museum, Karachi. (to date the only artist to have been thus honoured in his lifetime). A large number of his exhibitions including 14 solo have taken place in different art capitals of the world.

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