Islami Jamiat Tulba rally damages Punjab University’s peaceful academic atmosphere

Islami Jamiat Tulba rally damages Punjab University’s peaceful academic atmosphere

Lahore: The activists of so-called Islami Jamiat Tulba (IJT)’s rally, headed by Lahore district Ameer of Jamat-e-Islami (JI) Mr. Ameer-ul-Azeem and parading through the Punjab University academic area and hostel areas, has spread shock waves of deep concern and distress in the entire peaceful environment of all the faculties and residents of the hostels.

This was stated by an emergency meeting of Core Committee comprising senior administrative staff, the academia as well as wardens of the hostels including Chairman Hall Council.

This disruption of the normal academic activities of various faculties and departments had become an almost daily routine with the variety of unlawful activities of the Jamiat students and their large number of colleagues from other sympathetic student organizations including a number of expelled students of the Punjab University, by digging trenches, constructing the so-called toilet trenches and stage arrangements in the hockey and cricket grounds as well as the vast stadium area of the Punjab University.

The sports activities of the students has thus been completely badly damaged by usage of cranes, tractors and other bulldozing as well as constructing equipments and machinery. The Core Committee unanimously condemned such in-disciplined and total disregard of the university rules and regulations according to which it is essential that a formal permission is sought from the competent university authorities for holding any meeting or other activity within the university premises.

In the present case the Nazim of the IJT was clearly intimated that such activity is a total negation of the peaceful academic environment of the Punjab University and therefore the University cannot grant permission for holding of such a national convention of Islami Jamiat Tulba as proposed by them.

In view of the circumstances explained above, the high-powered board, set up by the Punjab government, is also reported to have declined holding such a convention of the students in view of the overall security situation prevailing at present, as well as the administrative and logistical problems.

The Core Committee therefore appeals to the Chief Minister Punjab to take personal notice of the above threats posed to the Punjab University’s academic environment and take suitable action to allow the staff and students of this largest and oldest university of the country to continue its peaceful academic activities in the best national interest.

The members of the Core Committee include Registrar Prof Dr Muhammad Akhtar, Chairman Physics and Member Syndicate Prof Dr Shaukat Ali, Resident Officer-I and Member Syndicate Mr. Javed Sami, Chairman Hall Council Prof Dr M Amin Athar, Controller Examinations Prof Dr Liaqat Ali, Additional Registrar Prof Dr Aurangzeb Alamgir, Principal College of Information Technology Dr Syed Mansoor Sarwar, Chairman Geography Prof Dr Abdul Ghaffar, Additional Registrar-II Mr. Imran Javed, Additional Controller Examinations Mr. Ahmad Ali Chattha, Resident Officer-II Malik Muhammad Zaheer, Project Director Sheikh Muhammad Ali and Director Student Affairs Mr. Iftikhar Ahmad Ch.

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