Information Technology Literacy Program may enhance new opportunities in Pakistan: Noman Saigal

Information Technology Literacy Program may enhance new opportunities in Pakistan: Noman Saigal

Islamabad: Chairman Standing Committee on Communication (FPCCI) Former Minister Information Technology, Health and Environment Muhammad Noman Saigal said Information Technology training and literacy plays a vital role in IT development in Pakistan.

Like advanced projects which are essential to develop IT, we need to focus on the basic training in IT education to enable a common man to do their day to day work using computer.

Provincial and Federal Government have started some projects, should expand the structure by enhancing the volume of projects from Districts, Towns to UCs and Tehsils. More interaction is required by the private sector in this regards. To make it more effective and to raise the Literacy standard in IT sector major improvements can be observed and positive impact could be experienced by the IT Literacy Program.

Fifty percent of IT budget should be used for the Literacy Projects. This will also help to create employment all over the country. Basic education can also be converted to the IT Literacy Program.

Our country has to expand its IT development and the expansion is only possible when more people know basic computer and relevant technology based equipment, especially in small towns and villages as people are very simple and they do not know the use of computer.

In the new schemes of IT sectors new projects could be launched to help the public sector to literate people on IT. Even IT education could be made essential in the country and everybody should be bound to study IT and get technical and practical training to use it.

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