Higher Education Commission Trains 249 University Teachers

Higher Education Commission Trains 249 University Teachers

Islamabad: The Learning Innovation Division (LID), Higher Education Commission (HEC) has successfully trained 249 university teachers under its Continuous Professional Development (CPD) programme through a series of 10 workshops held over five weeks during July-August, 2011.

LID engaged a visiting Pakistani Canadian Academic Mr. Ahmad Salman PMP, from the University of Victoria, Canada to design and deliver two remarkably innovative faculty development programmes. The programmes addressed “Case Based Teaching Methodology” and “Understanding the Adult Learner”. Both the programmes started on July 6 in Islamabad. Thereafter the program was taken to Lahore, Karachi, Quetta and Peshawar.

University teachers with background of Management Sciences, Social Sciences, Life Sciences, Biological Sciences, Medical Sciences, General Sciences and Engineering disciplines from different public and private sector universities attended the sessions.

The purpose of the two day workshop on “Case Based Teaching” was to introduce the highly acclaimed Harvard Case Method teaching technique to a variety of teaching faculty members from multiple disciplines to enhance the quality of teaching at various institutions of higher learning.

Similarly the two-day workshop on “Understanding the Adult Learner” was designed to equip the faculty members with the skills they need in order to design and deliver courses towards making learning environments more meaningful and conducive. The overarching theme of the workshops was to give the teachers more control over the contents and process of teaching through a design than would engage students in a highly effective manner.

It may be mentioned here that faculty development is one of the key pillars of Higher Education Commission strategic vision and an important component of the Medium Term Development Framework (MTDF) (2010-15). Quality of education is highly dependent on quality of teachers and education managers. In the absence of a formal pre-service mechanism for the professional training of HE academics and management it was highly imperative to fill up the gap through in-service academic orientation and certification.

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