Guru's execution inhuman, brutal, unfair and unjust: PUDR – Press Release issued by Kashmir Media Service

Guru’s execution inhuman, brutal, unfair and unjust: PUDR – Press Release issued by Kashmir Media Service


New Delhi, February 12, 2013 (PPI-OT): People’s Union for Democratic Rights (PUDR), a civil rights body in India, has strongly reaffirmed its opposition to, what it said, inhuman, brutal and arbitrary provision of capital punishment to Muhammad Afzal Guru.

The PUDR in a statement released in New Delhi said, “The secretive hanging of Mohammad Afzal Guru goes further to show how it is unfair, unjust and can be carried out for narrow political benefit of those in power.”

“The highhandedness by the police and the flouting of each procedural norm marks the case against Afzal from the start. Picked up and kept in illegal custody, tortured to give a confession to the police, and forced to reiterate the police story before media cameras while in police custody, while the police forced the media to edit out every reference contradicting the police story, Afzal was condemned even before his trial,”

it said. “Highhandedness by the political bosses marks the death of Afzal. Rejection of his mercy petition on 3 February and the approval of the order for execution by the Home Minister on 4 February were kept away from Afzal, his family and his lawyer. Afzal was thereby denied recourse to a court to examine the refusal order,” the statement added.

“…today, when a bench of the highest court is currently considering the constitutionality of death penalty itself, carrying out an execution is most reprehensible. And finally the right of his family to perform the last rites has been illegally denied by disposing off Afzal’s body in an undisclosed place. Even by existing law, death penalty can only be given in rarest of rare cases. But the case of Afzal is miles away from any such definition. He was not one who fired a shot. He was not present at the scene. …”

“The court ruled that he did not belong to a terrorist organisation. Add to it Afzal’s story: that he was a surrendered militant who was brutally tortured by the BSF to force him to become an informer…”

“Also curfew has been clamped in Afzal’s Kashmir to prevent people from voicing their views. Television channels are blocked so people can be kept in the dark. The ‘collective conscience’ that the death of Afzal is supposedly meant to serve certainly does not include the people of Kashmir,” PUDR maintained.

The Human Rights Forum in a statement in Srinagar also denounced the hanging, terming it as “injustice”.

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