Export Goat Carcasses of Female Animal before First Baby Resulting Serious Damage to Livestock

Export Goat Carcasses of Female Animal before First Baby Resulting Serious Damage to Livestock


Lahore, February 21, 2013 (PPI-OT): The Chairman (Central) Pakistan Tanners Association said to our correspondent that fresh goat meat being exported from Pakistan is becoming very popular in U.A.E, Saudi Arabia and other Middle Eastern Countries. This is due to its tenderness and odourless nature as compared to sheep meat. The meat of younger animal is more tender and tasty.

Agha said the demand of goat meat from these countries is mostly of smaller animal with carcass weight between 6 – 8 Kgs as against average carcass weight of 11 – 12 Kgs sold in domestic market. Due to its smaller size the slaughter houses are slaughtering animal of young age and mostly female goats before it has given birth to first baby.

Export of such animal is resulting into national loss as well as it is damaging the most important sector of our agro economy. It is going to have very serious repercussions in the long run and there will be acute shortage of goat in the country.

The skins of these smaller animals are also of no use and carry very little value. The bigger and healthier animal would fetch a high price per goat as well as it’s by products such as skin, casings and other things. The bigger skin can fetch more foreign exchange for the country as our tanning industry is producing one of the best leathers at global level.

He suggested to the government to discourage export of smaller goat’s specially female goats and following measures may be taken to address this issue. Goat of carcass weight of average 12 kg may be allowed for exports.

The customs office at Airport may make sure that only male carcasses are exported which can be easily identified from testicle, shape of rectum and fat around mammary glands. He appealed livestock depart for early action to control damage to our goat population which is 7% of global population.

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