Economic Development Links with Protection of Intellectual Property Rights: Hameed Ullah Jan Afridi

Economic Development Links with Protection of Intellectual Property Rights: Hameed Ullah Jan Afridi

Islamabad: The Chairman Intellectual Property Organization of Pakistan Mr. Hameed Ullah Jan Afridi has said that healthy environment is need of time for economic development that links with protection of intellectual property rights in the country. We as a country need to promote respective attitude towards IP rights of each other. He expressed these views while taking to a group of a local University Students, who called on him in his office.

He said that basic objective of economic growth in any country is to improve the standard of living of its common man. Government of Pakistan is committed to generate economic activities in all sectors. However, there is need to promote trust level in all sectors, which can only be possible to protect intellectual property rights.

The Chairman pointed out that our economy is passing through different crisis and ignorance of IP rights is one of the important issue. Piracy and Counterfeiting trend was not critically analyzed due to which substandard goods have taken place in the market.

He mentioned that new concept of IP based nation is gaining ground because Intellectual Property Management is significant to provide better opportunities of investment. Chairman IPO declared that we are losing revenue due to non-protection of Intellectual Property Rights in the country.

Comprehensive strategy is being initiated to aware all segments of the society about Intellectual Property Rights by involving related stakeholders, he told. He hoped that through better understanding about IP rights, a healthy and more valuable creation in all sectors would be made and we would be able to promote our economy on the path of fast track in comity of nations.

Students lauded the important role of IPO-Pakistan and shared some suggestions to improvement. They assured all possible cooperation in this sector.

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