Delegation of Lawyers calls on Honourable Chief Justice of Pakistan

Delegation of Lawyers calls on Honourable Chief Justice of Pakistan

Islamabad: “Constitution is the basic document and main fountain of law and we need to uphold Supremacy of Constitution in society”, said the Honourable Chief Justice of Pakistan Mr. Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry while addressing the 25 Member delegation of Advocates headed by Arshad Mehmood Baghoo, Member Punjab Bar Council, Mian Muhammad Azam, Finance Secretary, Lahore High Court Bar and Ch. Badar-ul-Islam, ex-President District Bar Gujrat and comprising other ex-Presidents, ex-General Secretaries and Members of Gujranwala Division who called on his lordship today i.e. 28.07.2011 in Supreme Court Building, Islamabad.

The delegation thanked the Honourable Chief Justice of Pakistan and praised his efforts for the cause of rule of Law, Supremacy of Constitution and independence of judiciary in society. They informed his lordship that the legal fraternity struggled to support the principles and their struggle proved to be fruitful in shape of newly restored independent judiciary which is trying its level best to dispense justice to public.

Keeping in view, the exceeding demands of public and unprecedented expectations adhered to the institution of judiciary, the National Judicial Policy was formulated to address their needs, although the policy enhanced work load upon Judicial officers as well as legal fraternity yet they are working to face the challenge for the redressal of the grievance of the litigants. The policy has not only reduced the backlog but also provided speedy justice to needy people.

Pointing out some discrepancies and hurdles in the policy, they informed his lordship that the disposal on technical grounds causes problems for litigants and lawyers in shape of wastage of time and money. Further, disposal on basis of non prosecution must be discouraged. Upon which the Honourable Chief Justice informed them that inspection teams have been appointed by each High Court to visit District courts physically and to monitor their working. Moreover, a software at Law and Justice Commission of Pakistan, Islamabad is being developed to monitor the working of each court overall the country.

Raising the issue the recording of evidence by Local Commissioners, they said the Judicial officer in District judiciary do not take interest in recording of evidence and the work is totally left out at the disposal of Local Commissioners upon which Honourable Chief Justice briefed them that under the National Judicial Policy, Local Commissioners can only record the evidence in premises of the court where there is much work load upon the Judicial officers, otherwise Judicial officers have to record the evidence themselves.

The evidence will be recorded in premises of the court, the Commissioners will be appointed from a panel of Advocates maintained by District and Sessions Judge in consultation with President of the Bars and cases will be entrusted to them on rotation basis. However, the complaints of the Bar will be discussed in forthcoming meeting of National Judicial Policy Making Committee. Further, they also suggested some ways and means regarding the reforms in District judiciary like establishment of model electronic court system to expedite the process and working of court.

They further discussed that in cases of 22-A Cr.P.C, Judicial officers follow the police report which is not binding upon the courts and the system needs to be reformed, they also apprised his lordship about corrupt elements in District judiciary upon which informed them that there is a zero tolerance against corruption and we want to get rid of such elements as causes bad name for the institution.

They expressed the hope that the administration of justice needs his lordship’s leadership and motivation to deliver justice and vowed to standby the judiciary in time of need for the glorious cause of Supremacy of Constitution in country and thanked the Honourable Chief Justice of Pakistan for sparing time for them.

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