Death toll in Syria's Ghouta rises to 84, including women, children among victims

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Death toll in Syria’s Ghouta rises to 84, including women, children among victims


Damascus - The death toll in the ongoing strikes in the eastern Syrian city of Ghouta now stands at 84, according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.

Fresh air strikes by the Syrian military on the rebel-held enclave, near Damascus, killed at least 16 civilians on Tuesday.

Among those killed were several women and children. The artillery shelling and raids centered on the cities of Arbeen, Duma, Marj and Hzarma. Civil Defense teams continue to assist the injured, rescue those trapped under the rubble, and document the increasing number of casualties.

The United Nations in Syria appealed on Tuesday for a one-month truce in the conflict to allow aid to reach hundreds of thousands of civilians in urgent need of assistance.

In a statement issued in Damascus, the UN said a humanitarian crisis was unfolding in several parts of the country to which it was not being given access. The UN's humanitarian coordinator and top envoys in Syria called "for an immediate cessation of hostilities lasting for at least one month throughout Syria." The measure would "enable the delivery of humanitarian aid and services, evacuation of the critically sick and wounded, and alleviation of people's suffering, to the extent possible, wherever they are," the UN said.

Source: International Islamic News Agency