Check Posts will be established to regulate transportation of edible items and cattle to FATA for local consumption and Afghanistan

Check Posts will be established to regulate transportation of edible items and cattle to FATA for local consumption and Afghanistan

Peshawar: In order to curb the smuggling of cattle and control its prices in the province, the Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa has decided to establish Check Posts on particular routes to be jointly manned by police, political administration, Frontier Corps, Frontier Constabulary, Customs and Intelligence Agencies officials and to regulate transportation of edible items and cattle to FATA for local consumption and Afghanistan.

These joint Check Posts would be equipped with computer system and generator back up, closed circuit cameras, digital permit reader, recording of all information regarding cattle, vehicles, driver etc on the Check Posts and passing them on to Home Department, Livestock Department, Customs, Commissioners and political agents concerned.

Decision to this effect was taken in a meeting held under the chairmanship of Minister Information and Public Relations, Mian Iftikhar Hussain here at Peshawar on Thursday morning. On this occasion beside others Minister Livestock Haji Hidayatullah Khan, Commissioner Peshawar Division, Akbar Khan, Secretary Home, Azam Khan, Secretary Livestock Afsar Khan, DIG Police Benyamin Khan, high ranking officials of concerned departments and agencies also attended.

The meeting took stock of various aspects of this important issue and decided that export of cattle to Afghanistan would be allowed through Torkham, Khyuber Agency point only. Similarly, cattle would not be purchased for export to Afghanistan from the local market of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa only as permits issued for this purpose by Federal Government are valid for the whole country. It was also decided that all cattle meant for Afghanistan would be received at joint Check Posts (JCP) at Attock Bridge.

The meeting fully supported the proposal for banning export of cattle to Afghanistan and go for export of meat only which would be given the status of industry. The meeting also agreed to demand the Federal Government for issuance of permit of export of cattle on only a specific point instead of certain points.

Likewise, for supply of meat to the FATA, the quota will be taken by an authorized agent for each agency to be nominated by the concerned political agent and his name would be shared by all concerned. Each permit will be valid for one day only. The agent would be bound to transport the quota for the day on the same day. Any un-authorized quota would not be claimed on the next day.

The quota if not transported on that very day would be considered cancelled the next day. The Army and other security agencies would inform the livestock department of their requirements so that any smuggler could not use their names for ulterior designs. The concerned P.As and Livestock Department will issue permits on daily basis every day.

It was further decided under Section 144 action will be taken against smugglers on emergency basis and the impounded cattles being smuggled would be kept in cattle yard to be established for the purpose which will be auctioned later on. It was also decided when any proof of such moment received would result in disciplinary proceeding against the respective administration, police and other agencies officers.

Similarly, everyone who provides video footage (through mobile) of any movement of cattle through these un-frequent routes would be rewarded a specific amount in secret and his name would not be revealed. The Commissioner would monitor, coordinate implementation on ground and also monitor the joint check posts in his jurisdiction. All record would be shared with Home Department on daily basis.

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