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Britain unveils new technology to fight terrorist content online


London (UNA-OIC) - The British Home Office announced the development of new technology to automatically detect terrorist content on any online platforms.

According to a statement released on Tuesday, it noted that tests have shown this new tool can automatically detect 94 percent of Daesh propaganda with 99.995 percent accuracy. It has an extremely high degree of accuracy, for instance, if it analyses one million randomly selected videos, only 50 would require additional human review. The tool can be used by any platform and integrated into the upload process so that the majority of video propaganda is stopped before it ever reaches the Internet.

Developed by the Home Office and ASI Data Science, the technology uses advanced machine learning to analyze the audio and visuals of a video to determine whether it could be Daesh propaganda.

The Home Office and ASI will be sharing the methodology behind the new model with smaller companies, in order to help combat the abuse of their platforms by terrorists and their supporters.

Many of the major tech companies have developed technology specific to their own platforms and have publicly reported on the difference this is making in their fight against terrorist content. Smaller platforms, however, are increasingly targeted by Daesh and its supporters, and they often do not have the same level of resources to develop the technology.

The model, which has been trained using over 1,000 Daesh videos, is not specific to one platform so can be used to support the detection of terrorist propaganda across a range of video-streaming and download sites in real-time.

Home Secretary Amber Rudd welcomed the development as she visited San Francisco for talks with technology giants, according to Mail Online News.

She said: 'Those who commit terrorist attacks on our streets are increasingly influenced by what they see online. I hope this new technology the Home Office has helped develop can support others to go further and faster.'

Using 'advanced machine learning,' the technology analyses terror videos to pick out 'subtle signals' and determine whether it is ISIS propaganda or something else, such as a news report.

The system can be adapted to look for other violent extremist content.

From its side, Dr. Marc Warner, chief executive of ASI Data Science, which developed the new model, said major organizations such as Google and Facebook could not 'solve this problem alone.'

Source: International Islamic News Agency


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