AJKLA approves three bills

AJKLA approves three bills

The Azad Jammu and Kashmir Legislative Assembly in its session in Muzaffarabad on Friday unanimously approved three bills.

The bills include AJK legislative Assembly Deputy Speaker salary, Allowances and Privileges (amendment) Act 2018, AJK Trade Organization Registration and Regulation Act 2019 and AJK Children Employment Ban Act 2017.

Addressing the house, the Leader of the House and Prime Minister, Raja Farooq Haider Khan said that supremacy of parliament and powers would be safeguarded.

He said basic rights and freedom of expression have been protected in the Interim Constitution Act 1974.

He said the cabinet has decided to amend Act of AJK Accountability Bureau and recommendation to this effect would be presented in the house soon and opposition would also be consulted on it.

Later, the speaker adjourned the session to meet again on Tuesday morning.

Source: Radio Pakistan